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The Building Better Bowhunters program is designed to help improve the all around skills of the beginner, intermediate and advanced bowhunter. The program is divided up into six parts and covers everything you need to know about bowhunting. The first part is an online session that covers all the information that I have covered in my Bowhunting seminars in the past. Parts 2-5 are all hands on sessions. Each part can be purchased and completed individually or as a package. From time to time I will be running weekends that will incorporate parts 2-5 to enable bowhunters to complete these parts in one session. For these weekend sessions I will have some experts in each area along to impart their knowledge.

The first three parts are designed to build on the previous one, however the final three can be done at anytime in between. The details of each section are as follows;

Part 1


Is an online session that you can do wherever and whenever. This part of the course is divided into different chapters and covers everything you need to know about the archery side of bowhunting.

I take you through bow and accessory selection and what would be best for you. There are chapters on arrows, broadheads, vanes, etc. as well as chapter on release aids, how to use each type and what might be best for you. I give you the low down on stabilisers and what they are actually for. You will learn how to develop a repeatable shot sequence and how best to practice. I discuss target panic and anticipation issues and give you simple ways to avoid each. It really is an A-Z of archery and bowhunting presented one package.

Once purchased you will access to it on an ongoing basis and can reference it at anytime. You purchase will allow you to receive updates in the course material as it gets added in the future.

Cost $100

PART 2 (2hrs)


This is a one on one session where we will complete an analysis your shooting and make corrections where needed. I will explain the mental side of bowhunting and give you tips on how you should practice. Together we will develop your own personal shot sequence that you will be able to use in practice, competition or hunting. You will have the opportunity to try different style of release aids; stabilisers and sights to see if there is something that may work better for you. This will potentially save you hundreds of dollars by knowing what will work for you before you purchase.

Cost $200

PART 3 (2hrs)


Part three is where you will learn what it means to tune a bow and how best to do it. Together we will tune your bow so that it shoots an arrow more efficently. We will also tune your bow to have both field points and broadheads impacting the same spot (where possible). You will have the opportunity to chronograph your bow and arrow set up to see what speed it is. We will take all the relevant measurements of your bow and arrows so that you have a record for the future. We will make sure that you have the right shaft, fletching and broadhead combination to hunt with and for the particular game you are chasing.

Cost $200

PART 4 (3hrs)


This section is a hands on session where you will learn how to best field dress your game. You will learn how to best take care of all of the meat so that none is wasted and yourself, your family and your friends can safely eat it. We will teach you how to butcher the meat and what cuts you need to make. How to best age and store the meat as well as the best ways to cook eat cut. During this session we will have a whole carcass so we will take the opportunity to explain the anatomy of the animal and the best shot placement. We will also demonstrate the difference in penetration between the different types of broadheads.

Cost $400

PART 5 (2hrs)


Hunting gear selection for everything other than your bow can be daunting. In part five we guide you through all you need to know about when it comes to this area. We cover optics, boots, packs, shelters, sleeping bag and pads, knives, first aid and also clothing. You will have the opportunity to discuss what you may need for different hunting scenarios. While there is no one pack or one pair of boots that will suit everyone there are guidelines that you need to know to ensure you don’t waste money purchasing expensive items that will never work for what you want. We will go through essential items you need in your day pack right through to what you will need for a multi day trip, including food and water.

Cost $200

PART 6 (4hrs)


An in field session is the last part of the program. In this session you will learn the practical things you need to find deer or other quarry. This section involves a ‘boots on the ground’ approach where we take you bush and show you the things to look for to find animals. We cover everything from where to start to what to do and look for when you get to your chosen location. We will show you the topographical features you need to look for. The deer sign that will indicate that there are animals in the area. We will go through stalking techniques and how best to approach an animal that you have spotted. The venue will change depending on the time of year and where you reside. This part will be done in a small group setting.

Cost $400

Each part can be done individually or in groups. I will be running weekend programs that will cover parts 1-4 or even 5 on some weekends. These weekends will be the a value for money way to progress through the program as you get multiple parts completed for a reduced cost.

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