With over 20 years bowhunting experience I've hunted most game species in Australia, as well as Elk and Mule deer in North America, Tahr and Chamois in New Zealand, Fallow Deer in Bulgaria and Musk Ox in Greenland.

I've spent many years shooting 3D here in Australia as well as the USA and I had the pleasure of representing Australia at the IBO world titles.


After years of being instructed by the best archery coaches here in Australia and the USA, I saw a need for a more structured learning experience for bowhunters. I now have the privilege to pass on the knowledge I've gained to both new and more experienced Bowhunters.



"As Australia's first professional compound bowhunting coach, I saw a need for a more structured learning process in all aspects of bowhunting, so I started coaching new and experienced bowhunters. 

My goals are to improve all bowhunters skills so they enjoy the sport more and ultimately to grow the sport in this country."

one on one

Take your hunting to new heights with one on one coaching. Not only does it include personalised shooting instruction but I show you how to tune your bow to get the most out of your set up. You can also try different release aids and stabilisers etc. which can save you a lot of money ensuring you buy the right one.

groups / clubs

I can organise a presentation for your Group or Club to get your members up to speed with the latest equipment and to work on their technique. 


With todays technology it's now relatively simple to get one on one coaching from a different state or country. So for those not based in Victoria you can still get the best advice via a mix of video, Facetime and phone calls and we can sort out any shooting issues and ultimately get you shooting better. You will also have the opportunity to ask me any hunting questions you may have.   




Brisbane July 9th 2022

One Day Bowhunting and Archery workshop with Myself and Allan Bowman of Bowhunting Australia Magazine. Come and learn everything you need to know about Archery and Bowhunting from our combined 80+ years of experience. You will not only get quality education and instruction but you will be able to try lots of archery and bowhunting equipment during the day. It will be held at Grange Bowhunters.  Details on Instagram.


This year I am excited to be involved in the First 6 day Kayuga Adventures Bowhunting Course in Cape York.
I am also available to assist, or run events such as 'come and try' days held by other organisations. Contact me if you have an event where you think I can assist.


My bowhunting seminars are run in all states at different times throughout the year, over one day. These seminars have proved to be very popular and spots are limited to 12 to ensure there is plenty of one on one shooting instruction throughout the day. It's a great chance to meet fellow hunters, improve your skills and is a cost effective way to get the most out of your equipment. 

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brad@thebowhuntingcoach.com  |  Tel: 0408 357 522

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